How to Play


Players sign up on an iPad, with help from a brand ambassador. Most of the time, that’s with a name and email, but we will work with your team to customize what information is collected.

Throw to Win

Players make their way onto the throwing platform and throw balls at targets on a customized game-board. Brand ambassadors tally up the scores digitally– no mental math needed.

Hashtag Bonus

Want to encourage social sharing? Players who use the event hashtag on social media get an extra shot. Trust us, when prizes are on the line, people will take out their phones, snap a photo, and share with their friends.

Win Prizes

With a live leaderboard, players can see how their scores stack up against the competition. Top scores win prizes.

Marketing Activations

We create branded experiences that stand out among the masses. Our games achieve the visual impact of out-of-home advertising with the interactivity of experiential marketing.

With your everyday consumer switching between screens up to 21 times an hour, Toss Up invites people to get out from behind their phones to engage with each other…and your brand.

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Corporate Events

Take team bonding to the next level. We can help you create a custom game experience that builds camaraderie with some healthy competition. Next thing you know, Karen from accounting is talking trash as she sinks the game-winner.

You’ve done bowling, karaoke; maybe you’ve even tried an escape room. Looking for something new, different and unexpected? Customize a game with Toss Up for some good, clean fun that will leave employees and execs impressed.

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Partner with Toss Up to create a competitive atmosphere that gets people excited and attracts attention. Have a sponsor underwrite the cost of a customized game experience and raise money by having players pay per throw. In lieu of a raffle, players can compete to win prizes, all while raising money and awareness for your non-profit or university.

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Sporting Events & Fan Fests

Turn up the volume on your tailgate activation. Stop doing 10’ x 10’ tents with cheap giveaways and give the fans an immersive experience that will make them want to arrive earlier and stay later.

Don’t have a billboard inside the stadium? Let us build one for you in the parking lot. With some of our game units reaching over 20 ft tall, your activation will be the can’t-miss photo opp attracting fans to join in on the fun.

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Deliver a can’t-miss entertainment option for conference parties and vendor exhibitions. Partner with a sponsor to customize a game experience, creating a branded centerpiece for your gala or celebration.

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We work with our clients to create custom game experiences that engage audiences of all ages in venues of all shapes and sizes.

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Adjustable Footprint

We can adjust the size of your game experience to fit almost any footprint. Get a quote now to see what sizes we have available.

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Turnkey Service

From strategy and design to event execution and logistics, our team manages all aspects of your activation every step of the way. We also provide professional staffing and storage of your customized assets.

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Streamlined Technology

Our technology enables seamless registration, scoring, and reporting. Players become even more competitive when their scores are automatically updated on the live leaderboard. To avoid latency, we set up our own local WiFi network for instant updates and no lag-time.

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Custom Design

Toss Up is fully brandable from top to bottom. Showcase your brand or sponsor with a customized game board, larger-than-life banners, and white-labeled technology. Let our in-house design team partner with your brand or agency to craft your game experience. Not ready to go all out? Ask about our Toss Up-themed football, baseball, and basketball games.


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